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Since detonating her nuclear music in the New York City scene with her infectious singles “Nerd” and crowd pleaser “Call Me Baby,” Brittany Campbell’s latest musical endeavor is nothing short of sonic napalm. Her upcoming LP Heroes delivers her notoriously catchy hooks and explosive choruses chaperoned with a fresh, new sound which honors the eclectic NYC underground culture, but pushes her musical arsenal into new vistas.

Brittany’s latest studio effort promises dance-friendly hits like “Every Part of Me” and the irresistibly catchy “Sk8.” The album’s fresh energy highlights Brittany’s impressive vocal capabilities and her multi-faceted array of skills ranging from songwriting to producing which previously earned her the title of “Brooklyn’s pop princess” from Next Magazine. Being an active participant in NYC nightlife allows Brittany to frequently perform, and is usually seen donning an intensely hued Technicolor ensemble which reflects her music’s vibrant personality.

Heroes not only pushes the envelope of the amalgamation of pop and RnB, but exudes a palpable energy that is sure to have NYC clubs reverberating to the LP’s uncanny collection of fun anthems. (Close this paragraph with upcoming performances, when and maybe what venue).Heroes PRESS PLAY ————————–>>>>>>>>

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